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Welcome to my web page!


My name is Amanda Waddington and I am a freelance graphic designer based in Perth, Western Australia.


I specialize in creating designs that captivate and communicate your intended message effectively.  I believe that design is about solving problems and making a meaningful impact on your target audience. 

Through typography, colour and composition,  I can deliver innovative and creative solutions that meet the specific needs of my clients, whether it is designing your logo and helping discover a new brand identity for your company or helping to design the packaging for your next exciting product.


With over 10 years print production experience working on industry leading titles such as Cosmopolitan,

Good Housekeeping, Harpers & Queen, Esquire Magazine and BBC Wildlife, I can see the bigger picture and also take your projects all the way from concept to final printed product if that's what you require.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my page, and I hope you enjoy exploring my work!




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